Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Help Haiti Rise

Hey Everyone a message from my friends at b-east-logo B East in Amagansett NY.
I wanted to pass word along about a shirt a friend of mine just designed and printed, called HELP HAITI RISE.  They are donating 100% of the profits to a hard-working NGO in Haiti called Partners in Health.  The shirts are printed on super-soft American Apparel Tri-blend coffee-colored tees.  They're being sold by friends at Merchline, who have donated free storefront space and FREE SHIPPING.  Anyway, check out the shirt.  The goal is to sell out of the tees, raise over $1000 for the organization, and encourage solidarity around the relief efforts and Haiti's recovery.  They will also be selling a limited run of screen printed posters of the design, printed by their friends at Dog & Pony Prints, which will be posted online sometime this week.  The hope is that the demand and interest will lead them to print another run, and raise more funds.
- FRETTO PRINTS (http://www.hellofretto.com)/ is the screen printing business that is owned by my friends.   
- You can buy the t-shirt here: http://www.merchline.com/frettoprints  or you CAN STOP BY B EAST to buy your shirt!
- The organization they are fundraising for is called Partners in Health: http://www.pih.org/
- You can follow the updates by following Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/frettoprints


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