Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bed Bugs On Campus?

 If you have watched any news channels in the fall of 2010, you’ve definitely heard about the rash of Bed Bugs that have seemed to infest hotels, homes and YES .. DORMS. 

These hard to kill critters are disgusting and many people are left concerned about a solution.  Although Dorm Co is not going to get all scientific trying to explain how due to conditions X, Y & Z these bugs have increased, we will tell you how to prevent & protect your dorm bed.

Universities are vigilant and nothing ruins a college’s good name faster than the press talking about their residence halls having Bed Bugs.   Rest assured your college does not want bed bugs, but at the same time it is hard to know, which student introduced them to the dorm or which room they originated in. By not knowing the exact source or room, it becomes all that more difficult to eradicate the problem should a dorm outbreak occur.

In the meantime the best defense is a good offense!  Prevent your dorm bed from having bed bugs by having a solution before a problem occurs.  There are two ways to ensure your Twin XL dorm bed won’t be Bed Bug ridden.

Bed Bug Relief Mattress Cover – This Twin XL bed encasement ensures Bed Bugs won’t get in or out.  Your university provided dorm bed is probably several years old and needs to be covered anyway, so the best solution is to encase it with a bed bug proof case to ensure your dorm bed is safe and bed bug free.

 Bed Bug Killer and  Repellent - Rest Easy – This preventative spray is all about turning your TXL dorm bed into a place that bed bugs can’t and will not be able to call home.  This means you won’t have to worry about sharing your dorm bed with bed bugs!  Should you already have bed bugs, we are sorry to hear that, but the good news is this spray KILLS them.  You can hire a professional or find a way to heat your bed past 120F degrees  or you can go with our Bed Bug Spray for under $10.00.

There are lots of things you can worry about when living in the college dorms, but Bed Bugs should not be one of them.  Use a preventive measure, be smart and you’ll most likely be fine. 

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