Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stacyknows Goes On Dr. Oz

The story begins with this email from twitter moms.

TV Show Looking for NYC Area Moms Who Want to Lose Weight! [TM Elite RAMBO Alert]

Media Alert:

  • Nationally syndicated health & wellness show is looking for moms in the NYC area between the ages of 46-53 who want to lose between 30-50 pounds. Must also have grown kids who are out of the house (empty-nesters). If this pertains to you, please fill out this form ASAP with your name, age, contact info, and a link to a recent photo!

To make a long story short, I filled out the forms, and got a call from Jen, a very enthusiastic producer from  the Dr Oz Show.  It seems like a dream come true.  Dr Oz, Oprah’s favorite doctor,  was going to help me lose weight on national television.  I was so excited, until I told my husband, who was less than thrilled about the idea.  He really didn’t like me  sharing my weight issues, plus he really doesn’t think I have a weight problem (god bless him) with the entire world.  Needless to say, the segment was not to be mine, but  the producer assured me that they would get me on TV.

Exciting as being on TV sounds, I was disappointed that Dr. Oz, was not going to help me be slim again.  My goals wasn’t to be on TV.  My goal is to be a single digit size once more.

A few weeks later, a different, very a passionate,  producer named Michelle, called with another segment about weight loss, but as a couple.  Would my husband and I, come on the show, and talk about weight loss. No, not in a million years,  not even if Dr. Oz offered my husband tomorrows closing prices for the NYSE. Mr. Stacyknows was not the least bit interested in being on national televison. If he didn’t want me to go, he certainly wasn’t going on Dr. OZ.

There were more calls, about smoking , which I’ve never done, fried foods , which really aren’t my issue, sex, sexual issues, which isn’t my problem, and assorted other topics that just didn’t peak my interest.  Being on television wasn’t all that important to me.  I was really interested in losing weight with Dr Oz’s help. Maybe I should have listened to my mother and married a doctor, but it seems that segment had gone by the way side.

Finally, I got a call from Ali, yet another very eager and devoted producer, who asked do I have  friend with as much enthusiasm and personality as myself who was over forty. I told her give me a few minutes.  Without even thinking, I called Gayle

The show airs Monday, Nov 8th at 11am and 3pm .  If cablevision gets restored you can see us on channel 5.

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Stacy this is so fun! can't wait to see it.