Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lessons in Seduction, Inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey

By now, you’ve probably heard of (if not already read cover-to-cover) Fifty Shades of Grey
the book The New York Times is calling “Mommy porn” and booksellers across the country can’t keep on shelves.  This tie-me-up, tie-me-down erotic novel is about a 22-year-old college literature student, Anastasia, a virgin who falls for a 28-year-old entrepreneur, Christian Grey, who gets a sexual charge out of being in charge.


Fifty Shades of Grey   is heating up marriages and relationships from coast to coast.  Women can’t get enough of the “Twilight” for grown-ups and they’re spreading the word.


So, if you’ve read the book, what now?  Perhaps you’ve got the urge to take your relationship to a new place and test out some new moves.  Luckily, I’ve hand-selected a number great products to help get you started – I like to call it the “Beginner’s Bondage Kit.”  All items can be found on


Beginner’s Bondage Kit







Tie Me Up Tape $12

Explore your wildest fantasies with Tie Me Up Tape. Because the tape sticks only to itself, it is safer to use and comes off without pulling hair or delicate skin. 60 ft. (18 m.).







Tickle & Whip $15

Tickle & Whip leads to fun, playful, passionate nights! With soft feathers on one end and rubber strands on the other, this two in one toy is versatile enough to tease and please, tickle and whip, no matter the mood.






Vanilla Bondage Kit $13

This silky vanilla-scented bondage kit is perfect for first-time users looking to experiment in fantasy play. Packaged in an ice cream, it’s really too cute to be intimidating!




Cozy Cuffs $18

Seductive and strong, Cozy Cuffs Handcuffs are perfect for when the two of you want to get extra cozy. Handcuffs’ faux fur lining is sexy and soft. Each pair of handcuffs includes two keys.





Burning Desire $24

Ignite a flame with Burning Desire! Burn this soy massage oil candle and let the sweet, fragrant oil take over your body. Melted massage oil is great for doubling as a warm, rich body balm. Lasts up to 20 massages.

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Yvonne said...

Originally I had no desire to read the series but now that EVERYONE ELSE is or has read the books I want to. I was going to buy the ebooks (waiting for somebody to give a really good discount) but I'd rather have a print copy that I can share.