Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Stacy knows

I don't know about you, but I don't exactly love going to the supermarket. Here is why. Let's see....

Step 1-Drive to the store.

Step 2- Find a parking spot.

Step 3- Find a cart, hopefully clean, who knows whose hands have touched it before and what germs are lurking.

Step 4- Navigate your way around the store selecting exciting items such as fruit, vegetables, snacks, laundry detergent, condiments, pet food, diapers,,soap, soda, garbage bags, toilet paper and bread.

Step 5- Place all those items from step 4 in the somewhat clean shopping cart.

Step 6- Look for the shortest line at the cashiers register for which to pay for items gathered during step 4.

Step 7- Unload all the groceries onto the conveyor belt.

Step 8-Pay for the groceries.

Step 9- Put all groceries into bags.

Step10-Put the bagged groceries back into the somewhat dirty cart.

Step 11- Put the bagged groceries into your car.

Step 12- Return the cart to its proper spot.

Step 13-Drive home.

Step14- Take all the groceries out of the car.

Step 15- Bring the groceries in the house. and put them away

Step 16- Put your groceries away.

May I suggest . Groceries direct to your door. Imagine you can eliminate Steps 1-15 . The website is very easy use. The prices are comparable to your local supermarket. No more schlepping. The produce arrives in good condition. The ice cream is still frozen. You can choose a convenient time for your delivery. There are specials to save you money. Your lists are saved so week to week ordering becomes a snap. Sorry, you still do have to put your groceries away.

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