Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another perfect day

I had planned another perfect day in the Hamptons. I would drive to Bridgehampton to take an 8:05 am very challenging Physique 57 class. Then go to Southampton to buy a new needlepoint at What's your point. On my way home I would stop at Pier One to purchase additional candles for my upcoming party on Saturday featuring fireworks for the Rock the Harbor Benefit.

I arrived at 264 Butter lane in Bridgehampton at 7:50 am ready for the challenging Physique 57 class , needless to say it was sold out. I was disappointed but I figured no big deal I would take Bikram Yoga also at the same location. Armed with my pink yoga mat in hand I was prepared. That class was sold out as well. Big deal I won't spend the next hour and half in a sweltering 110 degree room trying to balance my self into positions such as crow and a bunch of warriors. I was determined to exercise. Next I took my spinning shoes to soul cycle also located in the same outpost. Fortunately there was a bike left. I signed up happily for the $35 class. Funny how you don't leave early at those prices.

Next stop Southampton. I call free 411 . 1 800 -373-3411. Got the number for What's Your Point . The answering machine informed me that they don't open til 11am. I got to cross that activity off my list.

Next stop Pier One. I arrived at 9:30 am. The store didn't open till 10 am. Did I get frazzled. No. I stopped by the Princess Diner next store. Had cup of coffee and a half a cantaloupe and waited. I read the newspaper so I could catch up on the headlines of the day. Every paper had the same one. Christie Brinkley, need I say more.

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Anonymous said...

great post, need i say more. however, i choose to: say more that is. its fascinating to hear how bad the morning was, it is somewhat expected though that all those classes would be booked; it is the hamptons! muahaha. anyway, i'd like to comment on your poor use of grammar. colons, semicolons are never present where they need to be, while periods and commas are often used incorrectly. little words of wisdom: take a grammar class out there on the end. but fear not, your posts are as informative and magical as always and they always know how to put a little smile on my sometimes dispirited face. so keep 'em coming!

your #1 fan