Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Flat Tire In Puerto Rico

In some families a flat tire is a great excuse to use tools. I am not from that family. Last week I went to Puerto Rico, with my husband and my son. We stayed at The El Conquistador. Yes, you still have to take the funicular if you want to go to the beach. My travel agent , Marcy, arranged the whole the trip and did a great job. She even arranged for a private transfer to and from the airport. The hotel is a little more than an hour from there. The cost of the transfer was $213, plus tip. I thought it was a little steep, but I didn't exactly know any other car services to use in Puerto Rico. My husband who wants his family to be safe and doesn't like to be uncomfortable or inconvenienced, also doesn't mind spending money but doesn't like to get ripped off either.

Where does that leave me? It now becomes my job to get the same thing for less. Stacyknows knows how to this. One day while we are were on the shuttle back to our room I asked the driver if she knew someone to take us and all our luggage, golf bags included, to the airport at a reasonable fare. She immediately takes me, and introduces us to Victor Nieves. A respectable man with a taxi service. We agree upon a fare of $120. We exchange numbers and make the reservation there on the spot.

Now my husband starts getting anxious. He is sure "the guy" won't show up. I call "the guy" before , during and after breakfast. He promises to show and help me with my luggage. I confirm with him at least three times. He was there early, he loads the car and we get the show on the road.

Everything is all well and good. Until....we hear a noise. We have a flat tire and a flight to catch! Victor pulls over to the side of the road.

We are in an area of Puerto Rico where there are rows of kiosks that serve beer, Pina Coladas, fajitas, and other favorites. Chickens are roaming around freely. Also, there is trash strewn on the other side of the guard rail from which we have pulled over .

Poor Victor had to change the tire as my husband directed traffic to keep us all safe.

It is a good thing that we left early...

A flat tire, the perfect ending to a perfect vacation.


intrepidideas said...

Alls well that ends well. A refreshing story. How was your golf?

Anonymous said...

Oh no!! Can't believe this story, but I could think of worse places to get stuck in. Was the trip not good overall?

Christine and Bob

Guitar Hunter said...

Maybe next time you could rent a car in Puerto Rico. It sure is an experience driving there and you'll see much more of the island.

Anonymous said...

Next time call Robert from OR Services and go to a place where you are loved & missed!