Tuesday, September 30, 2008


You all know that belts are too bulky to wear under our layers, but without a belt we risk flashing everyone at the bar after to many martinis when we bend down to pick up a dropped cell phone. Or sitting in the bleachers, at another little league, basketball, football, soccer game, etc watching our gifted athlete of a child score the winning goal , run, point we are always concerned that the person right behind us can see right down our pants.
Enter IsABelt…. IsABelt is a clear plastic belt (invented by a mom, naturally) that keeps our pants in place without adding unseemly bulk. IsABelt the ORIGINAL fashion "fix-it" helps with the inevitable stretch and sag that happens to your jeans until the next wash cycle. It can also be used post-partum to cinch in maternity pants. (Who knew we'd leave the hospital unable to fit into our old jeans?) You might think this is crazy (I did when I first saw it) but it's a clear strap that you wear as a belt when you're wearing a long sweater or shirt over jeans. It keeps you from getting that bulky lump (from a normal belt) and/or from exposing your "coin slot". It really is the best way to salvage your low rise pants.
We also wear ours under those "too wide for belt loops" belts we love. And at half an inch wide, IsABelt will even fit under this season's skinny belts, keeping them from sliding around (no more shameful Belt Twist).
This is the MUST HAVE fashion accessory… Every woman and every size will benefit from isABelt


Julia Bradley said...

Hi Stacy,

I love your blog...great topics and products. I wish I had one of those Vera beach towels this summer.

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Have a great day!

mary k said...

Stacy -

I bought the belt at Knoyzz and referenced you! - mk

Stacy said...

pop vintage in bedford hills carries them as well