Friday, October 3, 2008

Where to go for Italian, Chinese , Blowouts and Waxing

I received a fan
letter from someone who actually found my blog by surfing the internet and wanted my opinion.

Here it is

hi stacy
i came across your blog while doing a search online for restaurants, salons, blow outs, manicures, etc in mount kisco/bedford area. we just moved to mount kisco this past week after living in the city for about seven years...needless to say its a big husband is really into good food (which it seems like you are too) and wants to know the top italian restaurants, good sunday night chinese take out places, etc..i am in need of a great blow out place (not expensive) and a good salon for waxing, massages, etc....i thought westchester was less expensive than the city but it doesn't look like it is so far...don't mean to bombard you with the questions but just thought i would email you to see your input..we really liked reading your blog... :) thanks in advance..!

This was my response,
Welcome to the neighborhood,

Unfortunately , Westchester isn't any less than NY, but there are still bargains and good values to be had.

First, you asked about a good Italian restaurant. There are several.
Primavera -it is in Croton Falls off of 684 exit 8 , the place itself is beautiful. The Service is good and the people are nice. It is a Friday or Saturday night type of place. The drinks are big the food is good enough. Tell them Stacy sent you.
277 4580

In Mt Kisco there is Fiero's, much more of a fall in place. It is small, you can bring little children. It is a good basic. 241-7940

If you want a place to go with kids

Chef Andrea in West Harrison, fits the same bill. It might be a touch better 328-1414

In White Plains there are 2 restaurants in keep hearing about but have not gone there yet. Antipasti www.antipasti
ny.com1 N Broadway # L1White Plains, NY 10601(914) 949-3500

Via Quadroni
Via Quadronno 288-9300. It is located next to the new Ritz Carlton There is a BLT Steak there. Upstairs there is a restaurant call 42 located on the 42nd floor with expansive views.

As far as Chinese Food . It is all bad here. I would stick with David Chen's in Armonk 273 6767.

Try Tengda in Katonah for a mix of Sushi and Chinese. Now that I think of it is pretty good.232 9300


Freds Katonah Ny 232-5201
Richard Scott - Mt Kisco 242-1700 it is also a Spa
Billy's 666-9077 they are open on Mondays which is rare . Sometimes you need a Monday blowout.

Paulo's its by Shop rite in Bedford Hills 666-2800

Waxing go to Epidavros.

I think this should get you started.

Do me a favor. Can you please forward to 10 friends.


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