Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dinner Solutions

Everyday at around 4pm I ask myself , what am I going to make for dinner? Where am I going to get inspiration to make dinner tonight? Am I going to make chicken again?

Let me introduce Amy Cotter . She introduced me to Whole Foods 10 years ago ,way before organic was something everyone new about. She has been giving health food store tours , teaching and preaching the right way to eat. She has come up a solution to an everyday question! Whats for dinner????

Dinner Solutions: a new service that honors home cooking and family meals. Receive a weekly grocery list and 5 wholesome, balanced, seasonal dinner recipes that appeal to the entire family.

Recipes are centered on seasonal whole foods that are healthy, balanced , delicious and are moderately easy to prepare.

Recipes include entrees based around poultry, meat, seafood and vegetarian options with seasonal sides , salads and greens.

Ingredients will be easy to found in local grocery and health food stores.
Key Health benefits will be highlighted for pivotal foods
Recipe will serve between 4 -6 people.

To participate in this introductory phase, please contact Amy Cotter at by Friday October 3rd. The cost is $100 for 11 weeks of comprehensive recipes.

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