Sunday, July 20, 2008

Zabar's opens in Amagansett

Ever since the Barefoot Contessa closed its doors in East Hampton , getting a cup of coffee in town has not been the same. The chance of standing in line with Steven Speilberg as he waited to buy lox had come to an end. Although there are many places in town where you can do the same thing, such as Starbucks, Citerella and The Golden Pear to name a few . It is just not the same.

I have a feeling that is going to change.

The Amagansett farmer's market which has not yet reopened for the season (it has been in operation since 1954) just sold to Eli Zabar. It will be called the Peconic Land Trust Amagansett Farmers Market. You know the place along Route 27 in Amagansett. The one featured in the Seinfeld episode with the Hampton tomatoes and "shrinkage". Mr. Zabar said he would like to have a market that not only welcomes products from farmers throughout the New York region several days a week but also possibly a nightly market in the evenings for local farmers to bring their harvest for sale the same day it is picked. He also envisioned having an oyster bar someday, serving local oysters and wine on-site, he said. Of course, the market also will feature the wide variety of products Mr. Zabar’s various businesses sell.
“You’ll see the breads, the pastries, all our prepared foods and sandwiches and prepared dinners,” said Mr. Zabar, whose wife, Devon Frederick, is the former owner of the Loaves and Fishes market in Sagaponack. “You’re not going to see Carr’s table water biscuits. You’ll see good milk and dairy products from places where we know the cows. There will be lots of picnic tables so people can read the newspaper with their cup of coffee.”

I will still buy vegetables at Vicki's Veggies. Purchase fish at both Stuart's Fish Market and The Amagansett Fish store. There will be plenty of days to go to Mary's Marvelous for the spiced rubbed chicken sandwich with avocado and bacon.

I think Eli Zabar's store will be a welcome addition to Amagansett. Maybe I will even see Mr. Spielberg.

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