Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Let Them Eat Cake

A friend of mine, from out of town, is planning a birthday celebration for a friend of hers in New York city. Being that I am Stacyknows she asked me where she could get a great birthday cake with a theme, in New york. I know that in Mt. Kisco. NY , I would go to either Lexington Square Cafe www.lexingtonsquarecafe.com or La Tulipe Patisserie both located on Lexington Avenue in Mt Kisco. They both bake beautiful and tasty cake that I have purchased and ate on many a happy occasion.

A cake from NYC well I really didn't know where to tell her to go, but I promised her I would look into it and get back to her as soon as I knew. I sent a text message to a few friends that I thought would have the answer. Immediately, Robin sent back Creative Cakes, www.creativecakes.com , Ivy sent back Creative Cakes as well. Gayle told me to try Edy at Cakes and Shapes. Coralee, suggested Dean & DeLuca on Broadway and Prince, she thinks they are the best. Elyce said to try Confetti Cakes, she warned that they might be outrageously expensive but amazing!!!! She was kind enough to include there website: www.confetticakes.com. Deb wanted to know , what kind of theme? In her opinion Lady M makes the most delicious cakes but she thinks St Ambroeus http://www.santambroeus.com/new/frameset.phpdoes the theme thing better. Eileen , also had a thought , she suggest Duane Park Patisserie on Duane Street. speak to the owner Madeline. Eileen has brought dessert many times from there to my house and they are always good.

What I am saying is , there are many great choices. How wrong can you go? It's cake.


holly said...

Hey! The best custom cakes around NYC are from the Cupcake Cafe Check out the website at

Anonymous said...

great post!!! i looooove cake and if i would buy one for a special occassion, which i do often but not too often-gotta lay off those carbs!!-i would go to la fontayna, its in manhattan; it is MAGICAL! i always get the chocolate dip specialty, its an orgasm in your mouth. so i definitley would recommend that place for your little friend. the number is 212-350-0100. its a decision she will not regret!!!!

your #1 fan