Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jared Matthew Weiss Help-Self

jared mAtthew weiss
Jared Matthew Weiss is a New York City life stylist, who’s unique blend of insight, humor, and irreverence have earned him a successful coaching business, a regular spot on The Today Show, and a monthly column in Shape magazine.
Recently, he launched a proprietary four-week program called, “Help-Self,” that teaches clients how to simply, “cut the bullsh*t and fix themselves.” Whether your issues are fitness, fashion, relationships, sex, career, whatever—Weiss’ program addresses it all.
“Help-Self is a makeover for your perspective. It teaches you how to put your life experiences under a microscope, identify the things that are holding you back, and ultimately, construct a pragmatic plan of action that will get you want you want,” says Weiss. “But most importantly, it’s fun and it works.” The best part: working with Jared Matthew Weiss is done completely over the phone—therefore clients from all over the world can undergo the life transformation that is “Help-Self.”
Help-Self is $500 and includes four 45-minute one-on-one telephone conversations with Jared Matthew Weiss, unlimited email coaching for four weeks—and lots of homework. To register for Help-Self or to get more information, email: Kristen@JaredMatthewWeiss.com   .


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