Tuesday, December 16, 2008

You Still Have Time To Look Good In Your Holiday Photos

Every woman wants to look good in her Christmas day photos right? Well you’ve got ten days left to look your sexiest for Santa, or whichever one of his elves you’re crushing on this year. !

10. Check your beverages at the door, missy! Cut out all sodas from now until Christmas. They are filled with sodium and cause bloating, which makes for puffy faces in pictures.
9. Replace your bagel or other starch breakfast foods with a bowl of flax-grain cereal and fresh fruit.
8. Eat some form of protein at every meal and snack time, and you should have six of these meals/snacks per day!
7. Bring healthy snacks to munch on at the office so the holiday trays and goody baskets from clients don’t look so tempting!
6. Avoid letting the marathon holiday shopping trips result in pit stops at the food court and quick trips through fast food drive thrus. Plan ahead. Your new motto should be: Have Luna Bar, will travel.

5. Insist on fitting in 20 minutes of strength conditioning per day, regardless of how many holiday parties are on the calendar. If you perform weight bearing exercise at a brisk pace, it will give you a cardio workout as well, while building muscle which will help keep your metabolism high during the rest of the day.

4. Wrap a gift, do a ten crunches. Wrap a gift, do ten curls. Wrap a gift, do ten push ups. You get the idea.

3. Water, water, water! Take it with you and drink a minimum of 2 liters per day. It’ll get rid of toxins that can cause those dreaded dark circles in your photos.

2. Avoid eating all (or any) of the cookies from Santa’s cookie plate on Christmas Eve. (I bet you can find other, less caloric things to do with your mouth that night).

1. Don’t brush Santa off when he wants to give you his very best “package” just because you have 200 cards to scribble phony messages on before sending them to all of your out of state “friends” you haven’t talked to in a year. You are the one person who Santa wants to be naughty. Who else but you will get more presents for being naughty rather than nice? If that’s not reason enough, remember that sex burns approximately 4 calories per minute, and depending on position can work abs, glutes, quads, and of course, my favorite, pelvic floor muscles! Remember, Santa loves riding in his sleigh all year around! (Don’t get too crazy though, or he will sleep through his bike-building and cookie eating duties, which, if you adhere to number 2, he’ll be able to do!).

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