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Your browser may not support display of this image.Your browser may not support display of this image.A NEW company

is on the scene ~





Finding fun, fashionable accessories and gifts that are helping the earth.

Eco-east is a brand-new company that was inspired by the line of bags it carries –

OlovesM bags.

As a local, Westchester-based company, Eco-east hopes to be the County’s source for eco-trendy accessories and gifts.

The goal is to LIVE A LITTLE GREENER EVERYDAY and Eco-east is currently in search of locally made, eco-friendly gifts and accessories to offer to our loyal customers.

In addition to OM bags, Eco-east also carries Silpada Designs Jewelry. Beautiful .925 sterling silver jewelry that is one-of-a kind.

Eco-east can be found at many events around the Westchester/Fairfield area. Eco-east specializes in hosting trunk shows in your home, at your office, or with your organization. Eco-east also organizes fundraisers for various local organizations.

Check out the website for a listing of upcoming events! .

Just in! OlovesM bags!

Your browser may not support display of this image.OlovesM was founded in 2006, and is based in Aspen, Colorado. OM uses landfill-bound yoga mat scraps for material and the bags are as eco-friendly as you can get since each bag is a zero-waste creation. They come in many different styles and colors. Because they are crafted from remnant fabric, each bag is unique and beautiful! They are also very affordable ~ from $10-$90!

OM Bags are insanely popular on the West Coast. The Jute bag was even chosen as the eco-swag bag of the 2007 Sundance Festival and was given to several celebrities including Teri Hatcher and Sienna Miller

Eco-east is the first to carry the bags in the New York area. Since our first order, three months ago, OM bags have been flying off the shelves! To see the current OM collection, go to .

Your browser may not support display of this image.Hot on the scene - Silpada Designs Jewelry!

If you like jewelry, you are going to love Silpada Designs!

Silpada, based in Kansas, is a 10 year old company run by women for women. The jewelry is handcrafted from the finest .925 sterling silver, no painted or plated fashion or costume jewelry.

Silpada has been making national headlines and has been featured in many magazines including O! Magazine & In Style, and in the media including The TODAY Show & Rachel Ray.

From funky to fabulous, Silpada has something for every taste and every budget! (Starting at $20)

Plus, as a home-party company, customers can earn their jewelry for free! Eco-east hostesses have been averaging $350 in free jewelry for having a fun night with their friends!

Go to to view the entire Silpada Designs catalogue!

How to shop at eco-east.

OM Bags and Silpada Designs are easily available by contacting Eco-east directly.

Check out the website (still under construction, so be patient please) then give eco-east a call!

And remember to SMILE and ENJOY LIFE!!

Contact: Nancy Hodor


Mention Stacy’s blog and we’ll give you 15% off any heart-shaped piece of Silpada jewelry and 15% off any OM handbag!

Book a show with us, and we’ll also give you a gift certificate good for $25 towards any product at Eco-east!

Ends February 14, 2009

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