Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wine To Wipe Away The Deep Freeze Blues- Jeff Mazen Wine Geek To The Rescue

So I’m sitting here with my wife thumbing through recipes. This blast of freezing weather has made me want to eat enough to put on my winter “Fat Coat” of ten extra pounds. The first thing that comes to mind is short ribs, one of my all time favorite cold weather comfort foods. I’ve recently been bitch-slapped by my cardiologist for having cholesterol numbers exceeding TARP bailout figures so I’ll have to look for something else. The indulgence I can afford myself is a great bottle of wine.

My tastes tend to run towards the old world. Australia, California, Argentina, and other newA large glass of red wine contains about three...Image via Wikipedia world countries make great wine and I have nothing against them. If I seem to recommend things from France and Italy, don’t fault me. It’s what I drink the most of so I’ll know those areas better. I’m not going to add tasting notes yet. You’ll have to decide after you buy these whether or like them or not.
Please post in the comments section so you can share your impressions. It can be something as simple as “You’re an ass and don’t know anything!” or “Great suggestion! I never would have tried those wines if you hadn’t made recommended them.”

I was recently asked by a good friend for red wines that weren’t terribly expensive that he could drink over the next couple of months. Here’s a list of what I bought for him:
Sottimano-Mate which is made from Brachetto $14 (Piedmonte, Italy)
Chateau St Jean Plan De Dieu-Cotes Du Rhone $15-Mostly Grenache (France)
OmbraMontsant-Spain $16
Try those and let me know what you think. They can be found at Wine Library in Springfield NJ and I’m sure plenty of other high quality wine shops. I know WL ships.

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