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What Makes Bride Pride Different-I Asked Scott Reilly Owner of Prescription s For Fitness

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What sets Bride Pride Fitness Boot Camp apart from all other programs?

A - What makes us different is not only how we run our classes and our private training, but our true passion to help people get in the best shape of their lives. This program is for anyone who has ever started a fitness program with high hopes and good intentions, only to abandon it a few weeks later or who has been confused by promises made by the millions of diet and exercise programs out there. It’s for anyone who wants to shape, tone and tighten their bodies and improve their overall health.

After doing these boot camp workouts, people feel great about themselves. This helps them improve their lives not only on the outside, but the inside as well. I have been a personal trainer for about 20 years, and have had my own private training studio in Chappaqua for almost 12 years. Not many people have the longevity or the track record that I have in this business. Getting someone in shape is the only thing we do. We do not water it down by making people do 10 other things, or make excuses for them when they fail to get in shape. Over the last 20 years, I have experimented with every type of workout under the sun, and I have never found anything that gets people in better shape than high intensity, shorter duration full body workouts. You can call it what you want; functional, core, circuit, etc. The bottom line is, if someone gives you everything they have for 40 minutes of full-body all out effort, they will be working above their normal heart rate, burning fat, getting into the best shape of their lives and have the best kick ass workout they have ever had.

If a 40-year old housewife wants to be a body builder, then she should follow a body builder’s workout. Do a 6-day a week split-workouts training separate body parts, and 20 sets per body part. (BORING! I KNOW BECAUSE THIS WAS ME FOR THE LAST 15 YEARS!!!!).

Last I checked, most of our clients want a leaner, fitter, more athletic body that makes them not only feel better about themselves and look their best, but also helps them perform better on a tennis court. If you train a 40 or 50-year old Westchester woman who plays golf and tennis at her country club like a body builder, then you are doing her a great disservice. And that’s what 95% of the trainers out there do!

If I had you do your typical workout, at your typical speed, I am conditioning your body to work at that speed. So when you try to hit a tennis ball, your nervous system is working at the same speed as your workout, because that is what it is conditioned for. You will be slower to the ball, and slower hitting the ball. Most women do not train for speed or power, and then when they need it to hit the tennis ball or drive a golf ball, guess what, its not there!! My point is everyone needs to workout for what their goals are. We get people in shape because that is all we do, and we are the best at it. I apologize if I am sounding arrogant. We really are not! But, I have seen so many trainers and programs come and go in Westchester. The reason why is because they do not work.

There is not magic pill. Put your time in at the gym with an intelligent program geared for you, and eat sensibly and you will lose weight and get in shape. If any one tells you there is a pill to take or some other “magic formula” (other than a little plastic surgery), they are trying to sell you something by deceiving you.

Bride Pride lasses run $30 per session based on number of classes bought private training ranges from 75 to 135 per hour based on the trainer. -Scott Reilly

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