Sunday, August 30, 2009

Healing The Whole Person With Reiki

Healing the Whole Person with Reiki
By Anna Raimondi
Anna holds a MBA; a BA in Clinical Psychology; is a Licensed Hypnotherapist, Reiki and Chios Master, Advanced IET Practitioner, Clairvoyant and author of the book Talking to the Dead in Suburbia: An Ordinary Woman With an Extraordinary Gift
She is currently pursuing a certification in Grief and Bereavement Counseling and studying Shamanic Soul Retrieval. She teaches energy healing, meditation, shamanic journeying and practices in Wilton, Connecticut. To learn more about Anna go to or email her at
Reiki is an ancient healing modality that focuses on conducting universal energy (Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy) to aid in healing the whole person – body, soul, mind and emotions. There is no dogma, or religious connotation associated with the practice. Its arms reach out to all of us; regardless of our belief systems. We are made of energy and heal when our energy is in a balanced state. Dr. Mikao Usui the founder of Reiki, was a man on a quest, who recognized after research and meditation, that he was as a vehicle through which universal energy passed to help heal people. And, like Mikao, we are all made of energy and can conduct energy, everyone can benefit from a Reiki session and everyone can learn Reiki.
The life force flowing through us, via our chakras or energy centers, sustains our lives on all levels. It supports the vital functions of the body by nourishing cells and organs in our body and helps us to be emotionally, spiritually and mentally in balance promoting overall good health. As a person is healed with the help of Reiki, universal pure energy flows through of the organs, cells and tissues of the body infusing positive energy in to the affected organs of the body. It also enhances the level of vibration in the energy filed surrounding the human body. In this way Reiki cleanses the entire system of human body and permits the life force to flow efficiently.
Although Reiki is not meant to take the place of conventional medicine, it complements conventional medical treatment and often reduces symptoms and quickens recovery.

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