Saturday, October 31, 2009

Don’t Miss D’Errico Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Since they opened their log cabin store at 159 Main Street, D’Errico Jewelry has built a wonderful reputation for the warmth of their welcome, quality of their products, speed and integrity of its service, and the variety and beauty of the items D'Errico_MtKisco_RV_BK_RSthey carry.
Everybody who's been to D’Errico Jewelry knows that they carry the best of everything, from Hearts on Fire at diamonds to a complete line of Pandora's marvelous beads and bracelets. They also know that D’Errico is a great place to go if you need something fixed or simply spruced up.
Where most people places will make you leave your material for days, D’Errico’s will usually clean and even repair numerous items while you wait and even while you watch.
On Wednesday, November 18th at 7 p.m. D’Errico is go to make it official for their store at 159 Main St. That's when Mayor Mike Cendrich is going to be doing a ribbon cutting and D’Errico is going to have a quiet get-together.
All who attend will have a chance to get a free jewelry cleaning or appraisal. As always, refreshments will be available, especially the famed mini-canolis and fresh-made expresso the store always has available.
Richie and Sal, the D’Errico brothers, call themselves jewelry tailors. They do everything possible to make sure each item they sell is a perfect fit for the style, coloring, collection and, energy of the people they sell it to.
On top of all this, D’Errico Jewelry also strongly supports local artists, with an entire section of the store set aside to display their work.


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