Friday, July 9, 2010

10 Sexy Ways To Make Your Summer Sizzle

Summer is the perfect time to turn up the heat in your relationship. Like your outdoor activities, your indoor games should be more active, and more fun. Try any of these tips to give your relationship the heat wave it deserves, and to stay warm into the autumn months:

10. Start a sexy dialog with your sweetie before you get home from work with a few suggestive texts. Sexting is fun and can really get the juices flowing. Not sure how to begin?  Use these for inspiration.

9. Greet him wearing something other than cut off shorts and a comfy t-shirt. Try a lacy bra & panty set, a garter belt and stockings or sexy body stocking. The surprise factor alone will have his temperature, among other things, rising.

8. Ladies, think you need to wait for him in order to get some action? Think again. Believe it or not the more orgasms you have the more your body craves. So grab your favorite toy and let your fantasies take you where they will.

7. Rub more than sun tan lotion onto each other this summer; try any of the fun lotions & potions out there to help you set or get in the mood. Play with massage oils, foot lotions, and sensation balms. Anything that has you putting your hands on each other is bound to lead to a steamy encounter.

6. Expand your mind and intensify your sex life by watching what I like to call “Smut-u-cation”. Check out the lines of educational DVD’s that contain great info to help you enhance your bedroom activities with just enough smut to keep it enticing and entertaining for both of you.

5. Turn an ordinary, everyday task like cooking dinner into an erotic activity. Pick up a copy of “Intercourses: an aphrodisiac cookbook” and try creating some of the dishes together. Find out for yourselves if there’s any truth to the links between food and desire.

4. After dinner, freshen up your lips with a penis-shaped lipstick...he’ll get the hint. Or try a lip gloss that’s designed to add warming-cooling sensations to your oral activities!

3. Add a little flavor to the parts of your body that are feeling neglected to make sure they get the attention you crave. Edible body paints, flavored lubes and edible body powders are available in lots of yummy flavors. Have dessert on each other!

2. Give foreplay the time it deserves by playing a game before you get down to business. Sex should be fun; try having “A Hot Affair….with your Partner” or taking a gamble with “Sex Casino”.

1. Host a pleasure party this summer! You’ll have a great time with friends, get a chance to see some of the afore mentioned products first hand and leave feeling empowered & inspired to give your sex life the attention it deserves. It’s the perfect way to ensure that you & your partner make time for each other. I mean, who could resist with all those fun new things to play with?

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