Monday, July 5, 2010

Three Mile Harbor Rd An Unexpected Mecca For Eating and Drinking

I might have mentioned that I live on my boat, during the summer.    It's docked in East Hampton, at East Hampton Point, located on Three Mile Harbor.  Its amazing to wake up every morning on the water. Living  in a marina ,  brings a constant flurry of activity,  boats, people , dogs, sunsets, not to mention fish.  This summer has brought a new element to life on Three Mile Harbor Road.

The Dining and Dancing options have  become more abundant and better.  Incredible choices all on one road.

Michael's Restaurant- at maidstone park-  Always a hit with the  locals.   word on the street is that they have gotten there act together this year and is better than ever.

The Boathouse- Located on Gann Road - has become my new favorite place to go, not to mention everyone else's.  The sunsets are amazing, the combo of the land and sea make it a spectacular spot.  Next the food is delicious.  No wonder there is a line extending down the stairway. The vibe is hip, great DJ's and beautiful  people make this a must do this summer.

Harbor Bistro- For me, its a restaurant I can walk to, so I find myself there fairly often.  They offer a fabulous special at the bar for $29.  That all said and done , Iwould still go there.  The food is delicious, the atmosphere laid back.   My favorites, tuna poke, ribs, grilled romaine salad and the tilapia.

East Hampton Point-  Again its another restaurantI don't have to drive to, so I find myself there again and again.  There   are so many reasons to dine here.  East hampton Point is really two restaurants in on.  The deck offers more causal fare. if you call  steak and lobsters causal.  The best burger sand spring rolls with a billion dollar view.  The Restaurant offers more elegant dining.  The scallops are always my first choice, taste them once and they will be yours to.  Disco dancing on Saturday nights, brunch on Sunday afternoons, reggae music on Sunday nights.  There is always a reason to be at the Point.

Phillipe-I haven't been here yet, but its on my list.  I hear the chicken satays are a must have, who am I to argue.  The portions are family size, but there is a prix fixed special Sunday-Thursday for $29 .

Lily Pond-Teeming with models, actors, and rappers galore, Lily Pond aims to be this year’s Pink Elephant. Insiders will still need to call ahead for reservations and curry favor with the doormen. Expect exorbitant prices and a backed-up valet as you approach this elegant outdoor/indoor club that comes complete with cabanas, antique chandeliers, and booths lining the luxe gold walls. The outdoor space offers an airy respite from the skin-to-skin atmosphere inside, featuring tropical outdoor banquettes that are temperature- and volume-controlled for maximum Hamptons-style luxury.--

Round Swamp Farm- This is the place that gets me in the most trouble.  There isn't anything in this family owned farmstand that I don't love.  The fruit is so fresh, the fish freshly caught, prepared dishes made with loving care all by members of the family. Not sure which  I love more, the guacamole or the cilantro dip. The triple berry pie puts me over the edge.

Eating , drinking and dancing . Just three of the reasons I love The Hamptons.

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