Thursday, October 7, 2010

Heartbreaker _I Loved It!

This is what they are tweeting about Heart Breaker


@fazman Saw Heartbreaker earlier this week. Hate modern romantic comedies. Absolutely loved that movie.

How wonderful is movie Heartbreaker? Beautiful france, chic vanessa, romance & stupidly funny! J'adore!

@scottramsaykyle - @susiedraff seen it tonight too #heartbreaker, so charming, loved it! ♥'s Romain Duris, 

Heartbreaker is a delightful little French film. Romain Duris & Vanessa Paridis smoulder through beautifully.

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saw #L'arnacoeur #heartbreaker - romain duris is marvellous, vanessa is paradis. v entertaining. chic romcom - ceci n'est pas un oxymoron


We're blushing from the rave reviews!!!! THANK YOU @Metro_Online @empiremagazine @GLAMOUR_MAG @bellamag@red_magazine @ok_magazine

Follow the link to find Heartbreaker at your nearest cinema! #

Hardeep from Enfield says: “Beautiful comedy with great acting”#heartbreakermovie #quotes #public 


Susannah from Crawley says: “Beautiful comedy with great acting”#heartbreakermovie #quotes #public 

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New movie 'Heartbreaker' released today. Ok so it may not feature the strutting Led Zep track but it does have the lovely Vanessa Paradis!

@Harvey_Nichols Hottie French Boyf Alert: More UK heart melting on the horizon as Heartbreaker hits theaters nation wide TODAY!#soexcited

Entertainment: You should know about… this week: The gorgeous Vanessa Paradis stars in this Frenc...

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MUST SEE: Mrs Johnny Depp, Vanessa Paradis in The Heartbreaker -


Julie from Cheltenham says: “Very good story, direction and acting. So much better than US dummy fodder.” #heartbreakermovie#quotes #public

Danni from Manchester says: I don’t usually like rom-coms but this was very entertaining.” #heartbreakermovie #quotes #public RT

Daisy from Twickenham says: “A very funny romantic comedy, well worth watching!” #heartbreakermovie #quotes #public 

Lucy from Richmond says: “Love and Laughter - what more could you want!” #heartbreakermovie #quotes #public RT

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