Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Be Wooed By Sally Wu’s Daydream Necklace

sally wu necklace Sally Wu designs the "Daydream" necklace for people who don't mind being noticed
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Born and raised in Shanghai, designer Sally Wu was trained as a traditional calligrapher and painter during childhood. Prior to launching her own collection, Act.1, she held influential executive positions at fashion houses Milly, Ralph Lauren, Helmut Lang, as well as working for iconic designer Karl Lagerfeld. Actively involved in contemporary art, she has curated museum exhibitions across the world and produced several documentary films. Her interest in architectural design results in a unique approach to the construction of her garments. Contemporary art and artists are the source of many of her inspirations.
"I wore this necklace to Art Basel and around the city and women (and men) wanted to buy it off my neck" I actually called Sally and took orders for 12 in a day! said Terre Grossman.
I found out that Sally just had 60 pieces manufactured at this time in the world and they are not sold in stores.  A very hip and cool array of everything from happy faces to razor blades makes this a handmade one of a kind piece that always gets attention. Daydream has a beautiful long chain and clasp that brings it to many lengths. 6 different chains of stainless coated nickel wrapped with an array of protection and peace.
Protected in a black tie Act1NYC bag/wrapped in plastic, we will send it as fast as you need it for the holidays. 
Amazing gift for the hip and chic woman, just be ready to be noticed...It's probably the coolest and yet most fashionable necklace people have seen.
Retail at $350.00 each plus tax/shipping.
Say "I KNOW STACYKNOWS" and get $50.00 discount.  Call Terre at 917-833-4911 or email kellym@act1nyc.com and we will work out the details. Make sure you mention STACY in your email! Know one knows like Stacyknows!
Sally Wu, a designer who knows what’s easy to wear, with style    www.act1nyc.com
  Watch STACYKNOWS for some Act1NYC designs to help NY FoodBank!

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