Sunday, July 27, 2008

Celebrity Sightings

I am not star struck but in the 10 days I have come across a couple of celebrities. They all have homes here out on the east end so I am not surprised, but somehow it is still a thrill. First I saw Donny Deutsch from CNBC's Big Idea at Nick and Toni's while we having dinner with our friends Christine and Bob. Then next morning Christine went to Citerella , a gourmet shop in East Hampton where she saw Donny again . I guess he eats just as much as anyone else.

Next, I was shopping at Scoop with Christine on our way to the beach. Shoshanna Gruss , Jerry Seinfeld ex-girlfriend and clothing designer was shopping to.

Monday I my way to golf I spotted Paul McCartney riding bikes with his new girlfriend. Then on Tuesday we went back to Nick and Toni's for another great dinner , with our friends Randee and David, and Sir Paul McCartney was sitting at the bar, waiting for a table with the I am assuming the same woman.

Thursday morning I was in the mood for a tall iced coffee. Starbucks is the only shop in this town where the size of the cup actually makes sense. Anyway, Steven Spielberg was standing next to me ordering a chai , non -fat something or other.

Friday night are friends Kathleen and Wade were out for a visit . My husband was showing them the view from the front of our boat As if on cue Kelly Ripa and her adorable husband Mark Counselos pulled into East Hampton Point Marina . I guess they were going to have a relaxing meal and enjoy the sunset before the madness began that is known as Super Saturday

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Christine said...

We feel so spectial being mentioned in your blog. That is a big deal seeing the most famous people in the world. Did you say "hi" like I would? I have no shame...lmao

Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Big hugs to you and Ed,

Christine & Bob