Friday, July 4, 2008

No spin this weekend

The reason I love the Hamptons is everything is an event. Exercise is an event. In the Hamptons you need a reservation to exercise, I am not kidding. There are rules to making to make the reservations. For example at Zonehampton in East Hampton my favorite place to take a spin class, the music is fantastic, and the teachers are super motivating, but you can only reserve classes up to 1 week in advance (Wednesday through the following Wednesday). Each online booking must be made with 1 hours advanced notice. At Soul Cycle in Bridgehampton where the classes are equally as good there you can reserve classes up to 1 week in advance (Monday through the following Monday). Each online booking must be made with at least 1 hour advanced notice.
**in fairness to all our customers, BIKES WILL BE RELEASED 4 MINUTES BEFORE CLASS BEGINS
All classes must be cancelled by 7pm the night before by calling or emailing, if not you will be charged for the entire class.

Somehow I forgot to make a reservation for any classes during the July 4th weekend. I guess I didn't think anyone wanted to exercise while on vacation. I was wrong . I should have known better, between the NYC people and the competitive non eaters that classes would fill up quickly.
I have been closed out of every class out here. I can't tell you how much that makes me want to exercise. Oh well , I put my name on the wait list. Hope it comes through.


Anonymous said...

oh stacy, leave it up to you to blog on the fourth! i told my husband i was mad about the holiday cause it would be another day without a post from you! luckily, i was mistaken. i am headin' out to the hamptons in a few weeks so its great to see what you have to say about the wonderful little place i often refer to as "home." keep up the good work little lady!

your #1 fan

Anonymous said...

stace, you're the best blogger i know. good work on the lobster story, i know firsthand what a drag it is to wait for a slow lobster eater....and i think you do too....