Monday, January 12, 2009

You Have Sale Mail. Shop It To Me

You Have Sale Mail. Shop It To Me .

You have Sale Mail. Shop It To Me. Your On Line Personal Shopper.

Shop It To Me found me! They sent me an email calling me a trendsetter but you already knew that. I wonder what took them so long.
Does the financial crisis have you saying I'll wait until it goes on sale." I say that to myself a lot when I'm out shopping, and it's a nice sentiment. But who has time to keep track of exactly when things go on sale at stores? The savvy shoppers at Shop it to Me, that's who. Sign up for an account (selecting the clothing brands and styles you are interested in) and they'll send you a daily or weekly summary of what's on sale - in your size! From Gap to Gucci and Valentino, there are hundreds of participating brands (and budget levels) to choose from.

I guess by now you know I spend many hours each week online. I love shopping. Let's just say I try to be chiconomic. Do you think its easy finding bargains? Online shopping was supposed to make bargain shopping easier, but with so many Internet retailers out there, it turns out that scanning the Internet for the best fashion bargains is just as challenging as driving from store to store. At Shop It To Me the average discount is 42% off, although they range upwards of 80%. Departments include women's, men's, kids -- and Shop It To Me Running-- for the athletes in the bunch (

Shop It To Me is an innovative free email service that notifies users when clothing they like goes on sale in their sizes. Shop It To Me's signature "sale mail" alerts inform recipients about only brands they've pre-specified, in sizes they want, at a frequency they request and from only trusted retailers. Described by its shop-a-holic user base as "a pick-me-up in the morning," "fun," and "totally addictive". It's like having one's own personal shopper who gives a head's up anytime a new piece of merchandise gets marked down or becomes available at a significant discount.Consumers sign up for Shop It To Me . . They select the type of clothing in which they are interested, pick from among the 500+ brands that can be searched (such as Diesel, DKNY, Prada, Theory, Banana Republic, BCBG, Hugo Boss, etc),input their personal sizes or range of sizes and choose how frequently they want to be contacted about items that match their preferences. Shop It To Me works by scouring Web sites of leading Internet retailers to find out what's on sale. It then sends users personalized emails with product images, pricing and links. Because Shop It To Me maintains relationships with the best retail sites such as,, and Shopbop, among any others, its "sale mail"is highly comprehensive and completely safe. Rather than finding out about sales too late to act, or spending hours searching for the latest deals—Shop It To Me helps people quickly find out when the items they want go on sale in their sizes before they go out of stock.
Sign up today for free . Get the heads up when sites put your favorite brands of clothing, shoes and accessories on sale in your size!