Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Freshman 15

As many of you get ready to leave the nest in search of new found freedom in college, you are also leaving the security of your home. More specifically, your mother’s home cooking. The freshman fifteen has been a warning of what is to come in your first year of college, but is this true, or just a scary myth? And, if it is true, how do you avoid it while still having the time of your life in college? We took these questions and more to college students in our area and found some interesting answers.

The freshman 15 is not just a myth, but it doesn’t affect everyone. And, if you do end up gaining weight, most freshmen only gain about five pounds. This weight gain comes because college freshmen are very busy; add that with the fact that they are now allowed to make their own decisions about food and you will get some unhealthy choices. Many college freshmen say that the reason for their weight gain was that they were so busy and it was much easier to eat fast food than find a healthier choice. Many also said that because of their busy schedule they rarely had time to work out, some even said that they weren’t sure where the campus gym was. There are many things that you can to do make sure that you will not gain the freshmen 15. Here is our health and fitness guide for incoming freshmen…

Food: Don’t keep unhealthy snacks lying around your dorm just waiting to rot your gums, and don’t rely on unhealthy cafeteria food. Try to mix it up with salads and fresh fruit instead of burgers and fries. This will not only help with your figure but will also give you more energy and keep your brain working at its best. Exercise: Try to hit the school gym a couple times a week, but you can also find easier ways to exercise. Walk or ride your bike to all of your classes instead of taking a bus. Always take the stairs instead of the elevator, and try to get in an early morning jog on your way to breakfast. This is the perfect time to get some exercise, and you won’t have to worry about getting sweaty because you can shower right afterward.

Drinking: Try to limit your alcohol as much as possible. Drinking hurts your decision making skills, and also contains a large concentration of alcohol. This could increase your chances of increasing your weight in the beginning of college.

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