Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Griffin Anthony Rocks Westchester


Like a well-rounded character in literature, New York native and part-time South Florida resident, Griffin Anthony, has become artistically textured in his musical career. Layering profound lyrics and blues-inspired melodies within the framework of his vocals has done little to pigeon-hole him into one specific genre of music; instead, his cross-cultural style can simply be summed up in one word: amazing!
Griffin's love for a diverse variety of music has given insight to his own unique mixed-genre (jazz, rock, blues and folk) songs -- influences such as Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney have become agents for his writing process. Through an innovative syncopated rhythmic style of strumming, the melodies and Griffin's persona come together... lyrics structured with conversational verses and wide-open choruses hinging on multiple themes, originating from his early years and trace his steps to the present. Over the years, he's played hundreds of shows throughout New York and Florida and continues to gain an appreciative fan base.


Thurs. Nov. 12th
Tuscan Oven
Mt. Kisco, NY

Sat. Nov. 14th

Tues. Nov. 17th
Southwest Cafe
Ridgefield, CT

Thurs. Nov. 19th
North Salem

Sun. Nov. 22nd
Sarah's Wine Bar
Ridgefield, CT

Tues. Nov. 24th
Southwest Cafe
Ridgefield, CT

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