Monday, November 9, 2009


Have you been to Desires By Mikolay in Chappaqua NY? I have!!!!!!

The store was designed in order to stimulate the 5 senses. Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell, Touch. The music they play is all product-0European imports designed to give the store a hip and upbeat vibe. The jewelry itself stimulates the eyes with it's various shades of color and sparkle. The wine and warm expresso stimulates the taste buds. Our store's signature aroma is dispersed daily and our gift bags are scented with it so that each and every Dersires by Mikolay jewelry item is branded with our scent IMG_0022(vanilla sage). And of course the touch...You can tell fine quality jewelry by how it 16791feels in your hand (the weight) and on you. No matter who it is, our customers are always encouraged to try on whatever they wish just for fun.

Right now they are have a sale on BLING


Bling! Bracelets
Buy 2, get 1 free!
use discount code: bling21

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