Thursday, June 10, 2010

Help Your Single Dad Get Back In The Dating Game

My father was a single dad.  I wonder if he had theses services , would he have remarried.There are more than 3 million single dads in this country.  I am not sure how many women, but I am sure its a lot.
Here are some great alternatives to

Virtual dating assistant: Now your dad can delegate his internet dating efforts to a seasoned on-line dating pro at A "ghost writer" at this company will know exactly how to attract the right woman's attention and they promise at least two dates a month. ($600)

A new "unplugged" dating service with promise: Imagine a business card but for dating. With this membership your dad can reach out to someone he is interested in by giving them his new "social card." If the feeling is mutual, his love interest can log onto and type in Dad's membership number from the card to get in touch. Nobody is put on the spot ... but a connection is made. ($100)

The Fix Up Show. If you live close to New York City or your dad is planning a trip there soon - he can meet his new date on Broadway and be part of the show. Celebrity guests help real singles get fixed-up on a date live on stage for what promises to be a very memorable evening. ($15)

iPhone dating App: Would you believe there's a new location-based iPhone application that spots would-be daters who are in the same area as your dad at the same time? It's true. It's like a radar screen where they can zero in on each other's exact location and meet up for what might turn into his next big romance. (Free)

So get your cupid's arrow ready and let your father know that you love him and want to help him find companionship. Whatever your price range, there's no better time than Father's Day to give him a little nudge and encourage him to get back in the game.


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Now a days children have very powerful strength that makes them younger soon. Children also helps their single parent to get partner so that they also can live there life happily. You have done nice work by sharing this content so that other children also can understand their parent loneliness and can help them to get date.

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