Thursday, December 9, 2010

Photos For Charity

The ecomagination photo project is still going strong! With your help, we’ve reached our goals of 10,000 photos in the Water and Light categories, but still need your help with ‘Wind’ photos (with just 4,000 more photos uploaded, the project will be marked ‘complete’ and $50,000 will be donated to three very worthy causes; see below).

Spread the word and submit your ‘wind’ photos today: ecomagination photo project.

sept  2  2010 020Through the generosity of the ecomagination photo project, for every photo uploaded to flickr, a donation will be made to one of the following organizations: charity, water,and Light, or Practical Action.

Here’s what 30,000 uploaded photos will generate:

  • 4,800,000 gallons of safe clean drinking water (NEEDED: 10,000 PHOTOS.GOAL REACHED!)

  • 1,700,000 hours of solar light (NEEDED: 10,000 PHOTOS. GOAL REACHED!)

  • 45,000 kw hours of wind powered electricity for health clinics in rural Peru  (NEEDED: 10,000 PHOTOS. 4,000 MORE PHOTO UPLOADS NEEDED IN THIS CATEGORY TO REACH OUR GOAL)

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