Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rock Your Jeggings

Taylor Swift has them. So does Beyonce. And Rihanna.
No, not Grammy Awards  jeggings.
Jeggings? Leggings made from denim and Lycra are a bright spot in the apparel industry this holiday.   Levi's has racked up such success with jeggings that the company is expanding the line this spring to zippered and acid-washed.



  What are jeggings? 

It wouldn't be a stretch to say that jeggings are the $16 billion denim industry's lone growth category for 2010. While the women's jean market was flat for the past year, sales of jeggings have more than doubled to $178 million, reports NPD Group, the research specialist.

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It's one of the few trends that's popular because it's comfortable  They can be cheap. I got mine at Bloomingdales for $34 plus it was Friends and Family so there was a 20% discount so they were a whole $28. Target and Penney's sell some store brands for $19.99. But some designers sell $100-plus jeggings.  It’s your choice
Fashion gurus trace the trend to skinny jeans, which began to dominate women's jeans several years ago. 

This holiday, jeggings are popular with juniors,  who tend to look better in the skintight leggings than grown-ups do. 

  Conan O'Brien recently said on his show that he's "obsessed" with jeggings. So obsessed, in fact, that during a monologue this week, he ripped off his own pants to reveal jeggings.

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