Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Smart, Single and Successful You Are Not Alone

Get a personal trainer for your dating life.

Have you ever wondered why a single you met on an online dating site suddenly disappeared, even when he seemed interested in you? You’re not alone. Professional dating coach for “smart, strong, successful women” Evan Marc Katz has created a program that helps you understand why potential matches sometimes “disappear”—and he offers realistic advice about how to “hook” the right guy.
Internet's Top Dating Coach - Evan Marc Katz - offers dating and relationship advice to smart, strong, successful women... Click here to find out more!Perhaps you’ve experienced a connection with a man that felt “right.” You thought you two were deeply connected and had a lot of potentially. Suddenly one day, after spending lots of quality time together, that guy just disappears—he doesn’t call back, return your emails or respond to you at all. And you probably feel devastated, wondering where you went wrong. In the book, “Why He Disappeared,” Katz discusses the mistakes you’re making, reveals the psyche of what most men are thinking, and provides solid advice to help you improve your approach to dating.
While this e-book doesn’t focus specifically on how to improve your online dating profile, it does provide useful techniques and no-nonsense advice for improving your dating life. So, think of it as a guide for the next step, after you’ve created a great dating profile. Once you have the date, you’ll want to be sure you present yourself in the best light possible during that date. In this e-book, Katz discusses how to be comfortable and confident. He doesn’t discuss techniques that make you change who you are—he simply provides advice about what men expect and how you can make small changes in your perspective.
Katz  is no stranger to the online dating world. In fact, he has been working in online dating since 2003, working for popular dating sites, publishing two print books and coaching thousands of women. His experience lends know-how to this book Why He Disappeared. He calls it “an insider’s view into the entire dating process.”

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