Monday, December 14, 2009

Met Tickets The Perfect Holiday Gift Citifield - Bring The Flag Back To Queens Where It Belongs

 A friend, who is a longtime season ticket holder of corporate seats with connections to the Mets has two of the very best in Citifield.  He and his ticket partner, is looking for a third person to take the remaining one-third share of the season (27 games with parking). The pair of Sterling or Deltcitifielda Club seats are behind home plate in the 20th row off the field, on an aisle and just a smidge to the left for a perfect unobstructed view of the pitch and the entire field of play from the batter's perspective and view into the Mets dugout. The seats are luxuriously padded and have waitress service with access to the center field food items from your seats. There is a luxurious fully stocked bar and lounge with plentiful seating a short distance from your seats with a full menu selection, as well as a nice casual dining room, as well as a "marketplace" with really nice food with walk up service and no wait. The drinks can go to your seats. The dining room has views of pitching tunnels and batting cages for warm ups before the game. The seats are in the last row, so you can stand all you want, but are elevated so you never have to.
These seats are very close to the diamond. The bathrooms have TV's. The elevation is perfect. There are VIP entrances to the stadium available. The at-face cost for the two seats, for 27 games - which you will pick in alternating fashion, draft style, - plus one preferred & pre-paid parking pass which allows parking close-in to the stadium, $9419. You can then share them with friends, business contacts, or what have you.
You cannot purchase seats like this through the regular Mets ticket office, and the entire section was sold out last year. The prices go up significantly as you get closer to the field. The holder feels that these seats offer the best balance of phenomenal proximity to the field, elevation and perfect field of view. You are in and out of the stadium and to you car very rapidly between the seat location behind home plate and your parking location right near home plate. For business purposes, if you have contacts that you would like to be able to treat to a really special evening of baseball, these seats are absolutely ideal whether your client is a Mets fan or not. The entire section is extremely luxurious, everything done in marble, leather, brass, etc. It is first class all the way including the TV’s in the bathrooms. A tour could be arranged if you are very serious. References are available and plentiful. You will get informal right of first refusal in perpetuity going forward if you hold up your end as a partner. Payment will be required quickly but you will have all the assurance you need to be fully confident this is real and not something stupid. Your partners will be a physician and an attorney, but still foolish Mets fans. Picture is view taken from the seats with a point and shoot picture, but with the sun behind the stadium, late afternoon.

He needs to find somebody quickly.  If interested, call Andy Heath (914) 673-5007

· Location: Citifield


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