Monday, December 14, 2009

Joro-Every Occasion Can Be Major

jo_ro_logo Every occasion can be major. From the moment a date is set up until the time that the last guest leaves, even the most intimate event can (and will) be "major."
Jo Rosenfeld,known as "Joro" to friends and clients, is celebrating six years in Chappaqua. A former Short Hills resident, she arrived in town with her family, furnishings and a date for her oldest daughter's Bat Mitzvah in hand. While unpacking, she coordinated a life event in unfamiliar territory. Many years and events later, she has become known as a full service referral resource for anything and everything celebratory. The client list at Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions includes event specialists, private parties and company management. The Joro difference? Her only loyalty is to an exclusive list of industry professionals who help her to keep her reputation in good standing. Party planners, decor artists, venue managers, caterers, entertainers, photography talents, video teams, custom promotion vendors and more provide stellar service each and every single time.
A caterer, for example, who can plan a menu from haute cuisine to one "by the bite" may be ideally suited for a cocktail party , but might fall short at a backyard barbeque. There are many, many ways to say "party." That is because there are so many, many ways to celebrate. Events, however, are not one size fits all and so the planning process differs with each.
An email to Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions results in a reply within 24 hours . She admits to smiling each time she can act as the "voice behind the email," with the goal of saving someone from suffering through the learning curve of the many aspects of event coordination as she had. If the state of the world in which we live is one of technological revolution then Jo considers herself very lucky to be able to slow the pace of life and its stresses down with a hands-on approach to servicing her clients. She finds that people are turning less often to the internet. It offers so very many options but fails to offer real life stories about specific events. Historically, family members and friends have offered up advice based upon their own experiences . Jo recognizes the importance of personal input. However, she listens first, without bias, and then provides customized options for fulfilling anyone's celebration wish list.
With Joro, what you are hiring is peace of mind and the assurance that the party is on! Birthdays, weddings, mitzvahs, graduations, milestone anniversaries, reunions, holidays and more all become lifelong memories. An event organized by Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions results in a combination of a client's fingerprints as well as her own.
Are you someone who likes a party with a personality? If so, contact Jo!
Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions
6 Hayrake Lane
Chappaqua, NY 10514



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