Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lunch at Myong's

I had a delicious salad today at Myong's http://www.plgourmet.com/ located in Mt. Kisco between CVS and Blockbuster Video . She always makes me a special salad chocked full of tasty ingredients including bok choy , mesculun greens, edamame, grape tomatoes, dried cranberries,Asian coleslaw mix, and spa chicken salad with a rice vinaigrette dressing a splash of hot sauce and Asian crunchies. Stacy's salad get to know it.

It was a beautiful day and I took advantage and sat at one of the tables outside. I had just bought a new book at Border's titled The Divorce Party and I was anxious to get into it right away. The story takes place in Montauk, being that I have spent over 20 summers out there I love reading things that happen in that locale. because you can truly visualize every word. I had read about it in Hamptons Magazine over the holiday weekend. As a matter of fact there will be a reading by the author Laura Dave at Bookhampton http://www.bookhampton.com/ in East Hampton next weekend. Checkout there website for upcoming events.

I met Myong when our children we are attending nursery school together at the local synagogue 14 years ago. Our boys are now 17 years old, juniors in high school, driving , full of raging hormones and all the angst that goes with it. I remember fondly going to her home at the time where see made me lunch which included homemade sushi. I am glad to see her fulfilling her dream . You can taste the passion in her cooking.

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