Saturday, June 7, 2008

3 flat tires and a nightgown

It was bound to happen. I am the last person you would call a schlumpadinka, but somehow I have fallen into the habit of driving my son to school in my nightgown, eventually I knew my mother would be right when she said always wear clean underwear, you might get into an accident.

At 7:30 this morning I drove my son to his SAT. Everything went smoothly, he had his pencils, admission ticket, assorted snacks and his photo ID. He studied , least he told me he did, and all was well.

The tire pressure light on my dashboard came on but I did not give it to much credence, I figured one of the tires was just low on air. I had 2 tires that needed to be plugged this week already. Plus the windshield has a crack in it. This car is less than a year old. When I arrived at the service station, Bedford Shell before 8am in my nightgown and robe, no underwear , no cell phone, no handbag , no wallet and no money, not to mention with my third flat tire of the week I knew things were going to get a little tricky. First of all the mechanic was not there yet. I tried to fill the tire with air myself I was quite a sight in my bathrobe and orange flats. I decided to wait. He showed promptly at 8am. He looked at me and said "Again".

I sat outside for the entire world to see me in my robe, you can't imagine how many people want talk to you when you are dressed in your bathrobe. Someone asked me where my slippers were?. Do I seem like the type to wear fuzzy slippers? Only if they had a heel.

Unfortunately the tire could not be saved. The mechanic changed the tire and I came back later that day paid the bill.

Will I drive to school again in my bathrobe. Probably.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could have driven by and seen that.

Anonymous said...

I still get a kick out of this story. Take pictures next time you decide to go out in the robe to put on your blog.

Big hugs,


Anonymous said...

Of course, something like that happened to me. I sympathize!! Only I was in the Fox Lane driveway, dropping my children at the Middle School, with my hideous glasses I NEVER wear in public, no shoes, PJs...a cab door swung open and was jammed into the side of my car. The police came, and of course my kids were MORTIFIED...(no purse, no drivers license)...
I always put in my contacts now - still in the PJs....