Monday, July 28, 2008


Have you ever felt like you were UNRAVELING. I know I have. My friend Lynn Biederman has just published a novel with that very title .

I love this review from
All Things Girl, July 2008 "At times funny and chatty, and at other times brutally honest, Unraveling is a riveting read that took me back to my own volatile teen years." -- Melissa Bartell, Senior Editor

By definition the word unravel means to
1. separate something knitted or woven into individual strands
2. to become separated into individual strands
3. to explain or solve:

As a mother of a teenager I know what it is to unravel
the secrets.

UNRAVELING by Michelle Baldini & Lynn Biederman, was released this month by Delacorte Press/Random House. The inside flap of the book describes coming-of-age & teen identity issues--a popular senior boy offers one of the main characters, Amanda, a deal--a date to the Homecoming Dance in exchange for her virginity. But this sharp, chatty, brutally honest, and heartbreaking real debut novel is also a moving story about mothers and daughters. Amanda and her mother ("The Captain") will have you laughing and crying long after you finish the book. Reviewers are calling it a "riveting read", a "powerful debut", and a "perfect fit for moms and daughters to share." Whether it makes you confront your own choices as a teenager or consider the ups & downs of your relationships, you'll want to talk to friends and family about some of the truths revealed in this light read filled with intense depth.

To purchase the book visit Lynn's website. or at

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