Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sudden Death by Michael Balkind

“You like golf, you like murder mysteries—then Sudden Death is your book!” James Patterson

“Pure fun, pure intrigue. The action never stops till a fascinating climax!” Clive Cussler

The endorsements above and many more grace the cover of Sudden Death, the first novel of Michael Balkind’s Deadly Sports Mysteries series. Sudden Death is a fun light enjoyable read based mostly throughout Westchester County.

Reid Clark, a PGA touring pro, receives a death threat on the final day of play at the Masters tournament. Known as the 'Bad Boy of Golf,' Reid mellows somewhat when the fear of his death lingers over the fairways and greens of that cherished magnolia lined golf course. Later he lets loose some of his millions won on tour and through sponsorships to buy his family gifts. The would-be killers suspected are many because of Reid's past 'bad boy' reputation in golf and business. But it's the one on the bottom of that long list who plans and executes the threat. After the Masters, Reid travels to NY to play in the Westchester Classic. When he ties for the lead the tournament goes into a sudden death playoff and fearing it could be his own quick demise, he putts for the win...a gun-shot is heard. Did the putt drop in or did Reid drop before the ball missed the cup? Reid doesn't know and the reader will find out later when the book concludes. Westchester scenes take place at Westchester Country Club, The Rye town Hilton, the Blazer Pub, Walters Hot Dog stand, the Pepsi sculpture gardens and many other locales.

Don't read Sudden Death on an empty stomach. You'll crave for such as Tarragon Lobster, Salad Nicoise and then wish for the libation offered by a cognac infused with vanilla accompanied by a good cigar.

Michael Balkind knows the good life and writes with an excellent knowledge of the game of golf. If you love a mystery and/or exciting golf-play read Sudden Death. It's all there.

A copy of Sudden Death will make the perfect (economical) holiday gift for any sports, golf or mystery lover on your holiday list. Available at
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