Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tom Jones- Sexbomb

Tuesday night I went to see Tom Jones at Terminal 5. I had a meeting with earlier in the day with the guys from Aliveideamedia . I mentioned that I was going to see Tom Jones who still gives a great show. They asked me is I had any undergarment to throw up on stage. I had thought about it but forgot.
Whenever you go to a Tom Jones show, there are always women throwing panties and bras up on stage. I had some time to kill . I was meeting my girlfriends at Nobu on 57th Street for a drink before the concert.So I started to walk up 6th Avenue figuring I would be able to find a store that would sell a pair of inexpensive panties to throw on stage.
Well I struck gold. I found a place that sold wholesale panties. I was able to buy ten of the sexiest pair of thong underwear for $14.
You can really have a lot of fun when you are carrying around ten pair of lacy thongs in your handbag.
For example one just might fall on the floor. You could ask the gentleman standing next to you if he wouldn't mind picking up your panties. I was with a group of very attractive women. I was feeling very confident mind you. Anyway, I gave everyone a thong to throw.
Of course when we got to Terminal 5 there wasn't a chance of getting close enough to toss any thongs.
As always tom Jones gave a great concert. He sang all the standards like Delilah, What"s New Pussycat?, and It's Not Unusual. The crowd was surprisingly young and hip. He has got a new Cd called 24 Hours. Check it out. He is performing again July 21st at The Beacon.


Jan said...

Funny story. Didn't know fans still do that. Anyway, it's good to know you're a good sport - at least you've got lacy thongs and 10 at that. There will always be a next time. Keep them handy. hehehe.

bartolomo said...

Tom Jones! Amazing guy. Just reading on Wiki, he has been married for 50 years to Linda. Never would have guessed that.