Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Books, Books, Books, by Lee Breene

I ran into Stacy the other day at (where else) Paolo's Atelier. I kept her company as I was getting color and she was getting one of those great blowouts. We have known each other since our boys started kindergarten and now that they are leaving soon for college we got to talking about our lives as empty nesters. I told her I read a lot and help as a friend at the Bedford Free Library. We decided that I should write about some recent favorite books for the blog. Stacy said she only likes books with sex in the first 3 pages! More on that later!
I read two books lately that I loved and I want to share them with Stacyknows readers.
COST : A NOVEL by Roxana Robinson is a contemporary family drama that follows divorced parents as they try to come to grips with their son's addiction. It is beautifully written,easy to read and real

A CURE FOR GRIEF by Nellie Hermann is simply great. It is this brilliant , young author's first novel and it is a sweet, sad story of resilience as we watch the young girl grow up and thrive against all odds. I can't wait to see what she writes next. If you have ever been to camp, adored your older brothers or lived through hard ships you will get lost in this beautiful coming of age story!
Now for Stacy and something WAY lighter! Have you ever read the British author Penny Vincenzi? They are big fat paperbacks about 800 pages each and they are chock full of adultery, sex ,drugs and the British upper crust in an " oh so British bodice ripping way" !

the next year! You may not remember anything afterwards but you will love the ride!
Hope this keeps you reading! Get carded at the library or go to Amazon now! The beach isn't that far away! Lee Breene

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Laura Essendine said...

I love Penny vincenzi - she's so posh and all her stories just roll along. Even though they're really long, you never want the stories to end.

If you like her, you might also like Maeve Binchy and Rosamunde Pilcher for similar great stories.

Laura Essendine
Author - The Accidental Guru