Monday, September 28, 2009

Divorce Your Jewels


Diamonds Are Not Always a Girl’s Best Friend

My jewelry box looks like a trip down memory lane, and what a long, strange trip it’s been! Where can I exchange my unwanted jewelry for cash?

We all have it—the engagement ring from our cheating ex; the earrings we inherited from our great-aunt Bevy; the big 80s bling, but now subtle is king. Jewelry can be a painful reminder of a bad divorce or bad taste.

With the economic downturn, former shoe industry executive Melissa Schorr realized people needed money more than jewelry. She recently founded to turn clients’ carats into cash.

Schorr will go to your home, or you can go to her by setting up an exclusive, personal appointment, either by phone or email. She personally examines and weighs each piece and establishes a price based on that day’s precious metals market value. While some values are based on weight alone, other pieces have antique value, name value (i.e. Van Cleef or Cartier), Watch value, Precious stone value, and particularly, Diamond value.

There is a hot market now for engagement rings, and Schorr recently paid $50,000 for a 5-carat rock from a divorcée jilted by her doctor husband for his nurse. What she won’t touch — are memories and anything to which you are sentimentally attached.

This is one divorce guaranteed to be amicable.

Divorce Your Jewels


Ladies Rings said...

Sure, why not divorce your jewels. Especially if it means you can buy something fun and new that doesn't remind you of that cheating jerk. ;)

Anonymous said...

you lying bitches you'r all whores!