Sunday, November 29, 2009

Birthday Celebrations. Everybody Dance

Last week was my friend Gayle's birthday. Since our friendship began, we have made it a habit to truly celebrate. Whether the celebration is large or small, we don't ignore each others birthdays. That being said, there are things to consider. The date, the guest list, the venue, the gift, the dessert and most importantly is there dancing.

This year was certainly no different. Although year after year it gets a little more challenging. You want to pick a different venue. In the past we had be to Gavi in Armonk, Barcelona in Greenwich, and 42 in White Plains. Let's face it, the choices in Westchester County are limited. You don't want it to be driving all over the place, plus the dance factor certainly limits your choices.
This years choice was Chat 19 in Larchmont NY. I didn't pick it. Larchmont is far drive at night. There are far more road blocks these days , since the tragedy on the Taconic. All of a sudden MOMS are the ones the cops are targeting.

The problem was I couldn't come up with a suitable alternative. I called Chat 19 to find out the story about the dancing. Gayle's only real request there must be dancing. They told me there would be a DJ and he would start a 9pm. I finally conceded. Why not just go with the flow. I really don't have to be charge, do I?

I choose to be in charge of the dessert instead. You want a dessert that captures the birthday girl. In the past I gotten her a cake that looked like a Louis Vuitton handbag, another year was a gorgeous cake that had all kinds girlie things on it. Last years cake was a smile, even bigger than hers.

This year I choose to get her cupcakes. Not just cupcakes. Big beautiful cupcakes from Everything Lulu in Scarsdale. I met the owner of the bakery at a tweetup. I had been following him for a while on twitter. He always post pictures of his cake creations. Oh, I forgot to mention, they deliver.

The big night finally arrives, I don't have to tell you that it's raining. I, being slightly directionally challenged, of course gets a little lost. Eventually, I arrive. Nothing like making an entrance. As , I am walking through the door the band is setting up. Band! I called Tuesday, now it's Thursday, they said there was a DJ. Did I really need to drive to Larchmont for a band. There were plenty of choices closer to home if we wanted to hear a band.
The band was Michael Nappi. They were surprisingly great. Gayle and I closed the place down, I know, hard to believe. Michael Nappi is performing at the Cafe Of Love , Wednesday, December 9th. I'm going to be there, are you?

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