Saturday, November 21, 2009

Revenge Is -Green Can Be Glamourous

Tuesday night, I found myself at a Green Drinks . I was invited, by my new friend, Heather ,who I met on Twitter, follow her at @KatonahGreen. I know, I am probably not the greenest person you ever met, you probably think of me more of a pink person, if there is such a thing, but I do love to meet new people and network. Basically, I really am interested in almost everything. I am willing to give anything a try ,except for maybe zip lining. Plus, the meeting involved a drink, at The BedfordPost Inn, Richard Gere's new restaurant, which is not to far from my house.
While I was there , I met The Green Living Guy, Seth Leitman, the Series Editor for the “Green Guru Guides" with McGraw-Hill Professional. which focus on implementing environmentally friendly technologies and making them work for you. Seth Leitman also just released the book Build Your Own Electric Vehicle in Oct 2008. This book shows how to convert cars to purely electric.
He has agreed to show me and all my readers how green can be glamorous for women.

Revenge Is wearing great eco clothing that fit and feel as good as what you say. The company’s in your face of 60's and modern appeal makes for exciting clothing with a slight extension of the middle finger complete with smiles and invitations to wear t shirt billboards for discussion. We call it 1st Amendment at its best.

Also, I got their tees and ya know what. They fit really well. Not just well, really well. So this whole recycled plastic, in your face approach to sustainability really rocks and sounds like a good old Jimmy Hendrix song.

To start, their T-shirts and reusable tuck away carry bags are made from recycled plastic bottles and/or Organic Cotton.

They also completely eliminate our use of paper cups, hot sleeves and grocery bags. To me that says to you I am tired of landfills and I am gonna say it when I wear it, so f......

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