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The weirdest iPhone apps

Fri, Nov 13, 2009

iPhone Apps

  | Author: Ray Ibanez

The weirdest iPhone apps

The iPhone has well over 100,000 apps in the App Store with billions of downloads worldwide so far, some of the apps are pretty darn cool and actually very useful. Some of them, ok maybe most of them, are not so useful. And a few of them even make you say “WTF?!” The main selling point of the iPhone is the plethora of apps available for it, apps that help you find a local restaurant or calculate a tip. And then there are apps that simply make fart noises, and yes people actually pay for that.
Well below is our list of some of the weirdest iPhone apps in the App Store. Check em out and let us know if you know of anymore weird apps you think should be on the list.

Belly Button

iphone bellybutton options The weirdest iPhone apps

This is probably the most useless app on our weirdest iPhone app list. BellyButton is a pointless and strange app, you can choose from seven different belly buttons (one of them is orange for some reason) and then you try and match them up with five different voices, wait but there’s seven navels? Each belly button is suppose to match with a particular voice, i.e. a female voice with the hula belly button and so forth.

Oh and that’s not all! Tickle the various navels and they jiggle and laugh. You can also change the voices for the various navels you tickle, in case you wanted a manly voice for the womens navel your tickling, some people like that stuff I guess. Yeah, very useful I know. Don’t get me wrong, the app is very well made, but it’s also very weird. It goes for $.99 in the App Store.

Hello Cow

hello cow The weirdest iPhone apps

Don’t have a cow man! Unless you want this weird app called Hello Cow. So what does it do? Touch the cow and hear it go “moo” in all sorts of various ways a cow can goe moo. Yeah that’s pretty much it for the most part. It would be nice if they included other farm animals with their various sounds.

To be fair this app is targeted towards kids and toddlers, it’s perfect for parents of toddlers who want to keep their kids occupied for a while, especially on those long boring road trips.

What makes this app really weird is the price, you’d think with what this app does that the app would be free, or at least no more than $.99, but it’s going for $1.99. Good luck with that.

Sasame Kisscomi (kissing app)

kissing app The weirdest iPhone apps

Only in Japan could an app like this be popular, while the rest of the world agrees it’s weird. The free app titled Sasame Kisscomi is based on the anime Sasemeki Koto and was developed by the Tachyon game company.

So what is the app all about? It’s basically a kissing app, yeah you’re suppose to kiss your iPhone, please be sure you cleaned off your screen first. Who know’s where your fingers have been! Be warned however, if your kisses are too juicy your iPhone may get a bit slippery. At least that’s what the apps disclaimer says, too bad they didn’t include how retarded you’d look kissing your screen in the disclaimer too.

Date Check

datecheck app The weirdest iPhone apps

We’ve all had horrible dates before. The psycho chick, the creepy guy that stares down your shirt all night, the date that talks about themselves non-stop, you know what I’m talking about. Well if you want to make sure you’re next date isn’t a creepo the iPhone app Date Check can help you out. Enter some info about the date, like their address, and it will tell you juicy info. Like if they still live with their parents, how much they make and if they have a criminal record.

It’s quasi stalkerish, making you seem like the creeper date from hell yourself, but if you don’t want to date a murderer or loser then this weird app is for you. The app itself is free, some of the services it includes is not. For example the background check cost about $20. Knowing you’re not going out with nut job is priceless, even if you have to take extreme measures to do so.

Pimple Popper

pimple popper The weirdest iPhone apps

We’ve all been there, adolescence, when hormones were raging and zits were the enemy. You tried to heed your mother’s warning to not pop your pimples because they would leave a scar, yet you popped anyways. Yeah we all took part in this disgusting act before. Well now you can pop as many pimples as you want with Pimple Popper for the iPhone. This very weird, yet satisfying iPhone app lets you relive your youth, or divert your pimple popping temptations if you’re undergoing the stress of puberty right now.

The Pimple Popper app goes for $.99 and is available in the App Store, so head on over and get it if you want the pleasure of puss oozing out of fake pimple pores right on your iPhone.

My Vibe

myvibe app The weirdest iPhone apps

With all the boob and hot girls apps for the guys, here is one the women out there can enjoy, if you’re a prude like Angela from The Office you might not. MyVibe is a free app from the online sex shop, which takes advantage of the iPhone’s vibrating feature to give female users some delight on those lonely nights, or after their man rolls over and falls asleep from his piss poor job in the sack.

It basically makes your iPhone a vibrator, just be sure to clean it off after use because well, that’s just gross!

So if you’re looking for a free night of pleasure ladies, check out this titillating, yet weird app.

Hang Time

hangtime app The weirdest iPhone apps

Here’s an app that is just asking for trouble, Hang Time measures how long your iPhone is in the air as it is free falling back to Earth. It uses the internal accelerometer to measure how long it was in the air, yeah they’re encouraging you to throw your iPhone around, real smart.

They only charge you $.99 to potentially destroy your iPhone. The Hang Time developers also have a site set up where users can post their best “hang times” using the app. They did include a disclaimer however:

“IMPORTANT NOTE: Use of this application can be dangerous; follow all safety procedures at all times. Make sure your iPhone is secured and protected from potential damage.”


puff iphone app 300x202 The weirdest iPhone apps

Want to blow air up an unsuspecting girls skirt? There’s a weird app for that! Here’s another “only in Japan” iPhone app. Called Puff, this weird Japanese app is just as crazy as their porn. The $.99 app lets you blow up the skirts of anime girls and show off just how much of a perv you are. I hope anyone that accepts a date from users of Puff is using the Date Check app! To be honest, I’m pretty darned surprised this app would be approved in the Apple App Store.

The app makes use of the iPhone’s microphone, as you blow along the mic a breeze of air blows up a girl’s skirt on screen, all from the comfort of your iPhone. So if you want to look up a girl’s skirt and avoid pesky arrests and sex offenders lists Puff is the app for you. Check the video:




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