Monday, November 23, 2009

Visiting D’Errico’s Is Like Entering A Jewelry Wonderland

ADErrico_MtKisco_Ribbon_Cutting_RSnyone who missed out on D’Errico Jewelry’s ribbon-cutting event last week missed a great time. Besides Mayor Michael Cendrich and myself, a number of local people attended. But that was just one of the things that was special at the log cabin store.Richie_Stacy_Mayor_RS
D’Erricos is like entering a jewelry wonderland where you get to see a multitude of gems, designs and treasures. There were magnificent treasures on display from Hearts on Fire diamonds to extraordinary pieces from local artists like local designer Iris Martell of Haute Dragon.
Here’s a picture of some iolite briolettes and 14k gold filled settings that sell for a very holiday-friendly retail price of $120 at D'Errico Jewelry. Iris was in attendance at the
D’Errico event, and looked almost as lovely as the incredible hand-crafted pieces she creates.Iolite_Briolettes
D’Errico’s has recently added Pandora beads to the lines it carries, and people had tremendous fun assembling the delightful little pieces into spectacular, personalized bracelets.
While some jewelry stores can be cold and forbidding,
D’Errico’s is family owned and always welcoming. There were adults and kids alike at the event, with toys and super-sized fur animals for the children to play with.
As can be expected from a store that’s obsessed with quality, D’Errico’s went all-out with refreshment. They hired personal chef Antonio Scarpati,  to put together truly awesome, mouthwatering refreshments.
Some of the most intense discussions of the evening revolved around whether the Spiedini Capri--mozzarella, cherry tomato and fresh basil with an olive oil dip, the Eggplant Rolatini stuffed mozzarella, basil with a tomato sauce—or the Involtini of String beans and Prosciutto de Parma, were more delicious.


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