Monday, November 16, 2009

What's Hot This Holiday Season 2009 –Bluestar Jets

Sure to be on every jet-setter’s holiday wishlist, Blue Star Jets presents the Holiday Gift Card ’09-’10, blending luxury with practicality. As one of the world’s largest private aircraft brokers, Blue Star Jets is offering the gift of flight with private travel cards with no minimum deposit for the holiday season. “Our idea for a flight card actually came from our clients,” explains Blue Star Jets President, Todd Rome.  “Seasonally, we find our clients look for unique ways to reward their employees and surprise their families.  Our holiday gift card is the perfect solution.” As the numbers of unexpected and unwelcomed delays and cancellations in the hub-and-spoke system of commercial flight continues to grow – especially evident during holiday seasons – First-Class fliers have taken note of the increasing affordability and convenience of on-demand charter. Furthermore, the range of available destinations in private aviation is unparalleled. Private aircraft charters offer an impressive list of 5,000 destination possibilities, as opposed to the restrictive list of 500 domestic established commercial destinations.

Blue Star Jets offers an unparalleled level of personalized service; as their motto states, ANY JET, ANY TIME, ANY PLACE™, Blue Star Jets is the undisputed leader in flexibility. To purchase a Blue Star Jets Holiday Gift Card ’09-‘10, please call 866 JET-TIME. For further information, please visit

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