Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Dinner Game- Complimentary Wine Tasting and VIP Film Screening

What: A complimentary French Wine tasting and Screening of the French Comedy Le Dîner de Cons. (The Dinner Game).

Plot summary: Each week, Parisian publisher Pierre and his circle of elite friends compete to see who can bring the nerdiest, most idiotic guest to dinner- the catch being, of course, that the dunce must have no clue why he's been invited. Pierre is in for a huge surprise, however, when he endures an evening with bug-eyed tax collector Monsieur Pignon, a world-class blunderer who only wants to help "fix" his new friend's messy marital life.

Where: Avon Theatre Film Center

272 Bedford St.
Stamford, CT

When: Tuesday Feb. 9th, 2010

6-7pm Wine tasting, Movie begins at 7:30pm

Entrance fee is complimentary to all those who sign up for our monthly site newsletters
at the theatre.
Why: Girls Guide to and Best Movies by have planned this evening to raise awareness about their websites and encourage women with a love of French culture to come together and enjoy a Girl’s night out at the beautiful historic Avon Theatre.

Who: This is a Ladies Night Out and all women (and their men) who love Paris, French film or wine are encouraged to attend. John Farr of, a film advocate and co-founder of the
Avon, will introduce the film. RSVP to

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Anonymous said...

my eyes widened when i saw which film will be shown. i cannot make this event but wish i could! i saw this movie over 10 years ago. i do not usually enjoy foreign films with subtitles but this film is absolutely worth it! So funny!