Friday, November 18, 2011

Why Ian Ziering Uses NuSkin and Age LOC and You Should Too

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First, the company and the product has to be top notch. Anything less, and my credibility goes down the drain.  I first became aware of the Nu Skin line when I started on 90210 in 1990.  My make-up artist used their products on me after she took my make-up off.  Even back then I realized that this was a great line.  When I decided to explore this as a possible business venture, I flew out to Provo, Utah to meet with the corporate management team and tour the facilities.  I was truly blown away.  They spend a fortune on research & development, have the brightest minds in the business, and are working with some of the finest universities to bring together what I truly believe is the cutting edge of skin care based at the genetic level.  In 25 years of business, Nu Skin has become a publicly traded company with over $1.3 BILLION in sales last year!  Clearly, they're doing it right; so my first criteria was covered.
Second, it has to be something in my area of expertise.  If I know something well, I can speak passionately, and enthusiastically about it.   Everyone always tells me how young I look, and at 45, I consider that a pretty big compliment.  Of course I'd like to thank my parents first, but good genes can only go so far. While traveling in "Hollywood" circles, you can be sure I've tried every cream, scrub and magic potion there is out there to keep my appearance competitive.  While in Utah, I did half of my face with the Galvanic Spa and I was shocked at how much better it looked than the other side. My pores were tighter, my skin tone was radiant and texture was smoother.  In short, I witnessed revolutionary science and technology in action.  This is something I can speak passionately and enthusiastically about because the results I have experienced and seen on others are astonishing.  Criteria 2, check!
My third criteria is based on the fact that I've always believed success unshared is failure.  To that end, I've always looked harder at what I'd be giving, rather than what I'd be getting in return.  With our economy in the dumps, we're all looking for ways to supplement and diversify our income with alternate revenue streams.  Nu Skin offers an opportunity to  build  a big business around these cutting edge products from anywhere you live.  While I can't teach everyone how to be a professional actor, I can teach anyone how to do this business.  If you are coachable, motivated to work and at the right time in your life, I will help you each step of the way to achieve success in this business venture.

 Ian Ziering Uses NuSkin and Age LOC and I Do Too Why Not You

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