Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Students Earn Cash

There is always a time and a place for hard work, but we're not so sure your last summer after senior year of high school is that time. Sure you need at least a part time summer job to pay for all the good times you'll have with your friends, but you certainly can't over-do it. Once college starts and beyond you'll have plenty of time to work 80+ hours a week. Ok... maybe you won't have plenty of time, but your ambition and energy will be put towards your work or in the case of those lucky few, your life passion. Take your time now to figure out what inspires you.
....Sometimes its just good to earn cash for little effort because the rest of your life will demand hard work to succeed. has chosen to pay students commission instead of paying for over-priced magazine ads and other marketing efforts that quite simply no one pays attention to.
How does it work?
Sign-up: Dorm Co - Students Earn Cash
Anytime you refer your friends to Dorm Co and they shop after clicking your referred link you get a commission on the sale. Literally EARN CASH just for posting your Dorm Co link on your facebook or twitter account.


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